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There are different types of window tint on the market, like dyed tint, metalized tint, carbon tint, hybrid tint, ceramic tint, and so on. The Project 3 carries the best of the best which is the nano-ceramic window tint. 

Nano-ceramic window tints feature advanced technologies that can reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99% to protect your vehicle's interior from pre-mature aging and fading, and also protects passengers from solar damage. The material doesn’t contain dye, so it is unlikely to fade over time. Ceramic tints are durable and stand above their peers as far as longevity is concerned.

Nano-ceramic tint also has a superior heat rejection level compared to other window films. Nano-ceramic films can block more sun rays than any other films combined.

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Nano Ceramic Window Films

The Project 3 window tint film structure


The ULTRA series is a sputtered nano-ceramic film, definitely the best of the best among all the window tint films. It offers maximum heat rejection and ultra violet radiation rejection, and allows maximum visible light to pass through it. The ULTRA series is your best option, if you are looking for the best tint films,


The PRO series is nano-ceramic tint films. It is designed for superior UV protection & heat rejection. The PRO series tint can keep your car's interior cooler to save energy. Also protect your car's interior damaging from any harmful UV.


The PRO series is a hybrid nano-ceramic tint films. It offers you the best value for money. It rejects up to 99% of ultraviolet , preventing the car's interior premature aging and the risk of damager passengers' skin. 

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Extreme Heat Rejection

Blocks up to 99% of infrared rays, and rejecting heat.

The Project 3 SHADE window tint film


Up to 99% UV Protection

Reducing your risk of eye and skin damage, also protect car's interior from premature aging.

The Project 3 SHADE window tint film, advanced nano ceramic window film


Cooler and Greener

Decrease your vehicle’s interior temperature, helping to improve fuel efficiency or electric car lessen the need of A/C.



Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Project 3 SHADE window tint films are warranted against color change, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination.

The Project 3 SHADE window tint film


More safety,

Less Glare

Increases safety with reduced glare, and shattered glass protection.



No Signal Interference

No signal interference with your electronics and GPS navigation.

The Project 3 SHADE window tint film, advanced nano ceramic window film
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