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The Project 3 BLACK paint protection film

The Project 3 BLACK Unleash a new dimension of style and protection with our revolutionary Gloss Black Paint Protection Film. This cutting-edge solution doesn't just shield your vehicle's finish – it elevates it to a whole new level of sophistication. It's not just paint protection; it's a style upgrade!

Key features:

  • Extended durability 

  • No color fading 

  • Stylish black finishing

  • 8mil total thickness 

  • Protection with style

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The Project 3 BLACK paint protection film
The Project 3 Black paint protection film data

The Project 3 BLACK paint protection film


  • Unrivaled Aesthetic Enhancement: Witness a transformative upgrade as our gloss black film bestows your vehicle with an unparalleled depth of lustrous black, radiating an unblemished, polished surface that captures and reflects light with captivating allure.

  • Supreme Smoothness: Revel in a surface that transcends the limitations of conventional paint, offering an impeccably smooth texture that is free from the telltale signs of "orange peel," ensuring a flawless, showroom-quality appearance.

  • Lasting Elegance: Combining captivating aesthetics with enduring protection, our film preserves the initial allure of your vehicle while keeping it shielded from the harsh realities of daily driving.

The Project 3 Black Paint Protection Film
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