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The Project 3 Technology Limited manufactures and distributes all-around car protection products designed with both car detailing professionals and car owners in mind. With our exceptional, well-priced paint protection films and full line of adjacent car detailing products, we are looking to disrupt the car detailing industry by bridging the gap between functionality and affordability. 

Our flagship products, The Project 3 paint protection films, feature cutting-edge nano technology, creating a compact structure that is both flexible and effective in guarding a myriad of paint surfaces against scratches, rock chips and minor impacts. 

Backed by our experienced R&D department and professional consultants, our extensive lineup is reliable, easy to install, and unfailingly innovative. From precut software, paint protection films, vinyl wraps and window films, The Project 3's one-stop solution has them all. 



THE PROJECT 3 paint protection films are manufactured using cutting edge nano and covalent technology, not to mention quality TPU material to achieve the optimal anti-scratch and anti-rock chip function. 

Our vinyl wraps are PET-based and drastically different from traditional PVC-based films, boasting easier installation and a smoother texture for best results. 

Here at THE PROJECT 3, it's not enough just being good enough. We are constantly on the look out for the latest innovations in automotive and surface protection, in order to bring you a peace of mind like never before. 



THE PROJECT 3 was founded with the idea of transforming the car detailing industry, one protection product at a time.


Our dedicated R&D team consults with experienced detailing professionals who spent decades learning that quality car films can be hard to come by, and we have been working tirelessly towards making the best products that addresses our clients' needs.

Our films represent the combination of unpromising functionality with accessibility, giving our customers a well-rounded product with minimal frills or fuss. 



From manufacturing to distribution, THE PROJECT 3 takes full ownership of our comprehensive line of protective and decorative adhesive films, including paint protection films, window films and vinyl wraps. 

Designed with both durability and performance in mind, our products are designed to cater to both industry and commercial users.


The application of THE PROJECT 3 films extend far beyond automotive protection, and our products will work just as well on aircraft, watercraft, in offices and homes. 

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